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September 22, 2014 Krista Donaldson Design Kit

Last Friday, the nonprofit arm of IDEO, launched Design Kit, a set of mindsets, methods, and case studies to learn a practical, repeatable approach to arriving at innovative solutions. The kit includes everything from a Business Model Canvas to Brainstorming Guides to Funding Strategies.

According to, “human-centered design is all about building a deep empathy with the people you’re designing for; generating tons of ideas; building a bunch of prototypes; sharing what you’ve made with the people you’re designing for; and eventually putting your innovative new solution out in the world.”

D-Rev is honored to be featured in the Design Kit in two ways. First, Krista spoke with about prototyping and you can find her thoughts here:

Second, Brilliance is featured in a case study highlighting early achievements by the team and lessons learned along the way. You can find the case study here:

Check out the Design Kit on, and/or if you’re a student looking to apply its teachings in a job setting, check out one of our most popular blog posts: Thinking about a career in design and social impact? Here are some resources.

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