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September 3, 2014 Krista Donaldson

The ReMotion Knee’s Launch! 2-to-1 Campaign starts today

Our Launch! campaign starts today: D-Rev donor and champion Focusing Philanthropy will match all donations to D-Rev’s ReMotion Knee project, 2-to-1! This means for every $2 that is donated to the ReMotion Knee through Focusing Philanthropy by OCTOBER 31 will be matched with $1.


Launch! will fund the final business activities needed for the ReMotion Knee to go to market early next year. One of the hidden truths of product development is that there is a great deal more work in getting a product to market and to people than just the design itself. The product has to reach the people who will use it—that’s how we get to impact. The proverbial last mile for ReMotion Knee means local registration for sale in-country, regulatory approval, distribution agreement(s), marketing, sales and impact assessment. Launch! will fund these activities for the next 6-8 months, with a special focus on several of our high-need target countries. We are seeking to raise $180,000—and all donations made before October 31st will be matched by Focusing with additional $90,000.

We also want to thank all our ReMotion Knee partners and supporters who have helped us reach this incredible milestone. To date, over 6,200 amputees have been fit with earlier versions of the ReMotion Knee. Many of you remember that this project started in Professor Tom Andriacchi’s graduate biomechanics class at Stanford University— and 6 years later, after prototyping, testing, iterating (multiplied by many cycles), we are thrilled that the ReMotion Knee will finally reach every clinic and amputee who can use it. Also keep an eye out, we will be releasing a new ReMotion video and other material as part of Launch! soon.

Thank you! (And don’t forget to donate before October 31st!)


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