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December 18, 2014 Krista Donaldson

D-Rev’s 2014 By the Numbers


This is our third annual end of year blog post wrapping up all of D-Rev’s activities for 2014—and we’ve had fun going back through our first few. We’ve accomplished a lot since 2012 and 2013.

The most important number on our minds right now is 2. We have 2 product launches in the next few months—Brilliance Pro & ReMotion Knee v3. That means that D-Rev is 2 for 2 on products scaling in multiple countries.

What did 2014 look like?

38,749 – Babies treated with Brilliance devices. (How do we know that? See here)

501 – Newborn deaths and disabilities averted by our installed Brilliance devices.

33 – Countries where D-Rev has devices installed, sold or in-use.

2 – Number of Impact Dashboard iterations since their launch in June. We view Impact as an equal project area at D-Rev.

288 – Cumulative hours spent listening to and debating Serial.

751,881Views of D-Rev’s TED talk on the ReMotion Knee.

1,000+ – Brilliance units sold to date by our partner, Phoenix Medical Systems.

7 – Field partners who provided critical support to reach our target customers.

1064 v1 JaipurKnees by D-Rev’s partner, the JaipurFoot Organization, and 52 v3 ReMotion Knees fit this year.

12 – Suggestions we received to come up with a D-Rev #IceBucketChallenge.

2 – Volunteer photographers and videographers who went into the field to capture impact stories for us (thank you, Scott and Tina!). See Scott’s amazing work here. One of Tina’s photos from early December 2014 is used above.

1:09Hyperlapsed time to assemble Brilliance Classic by our product manager Garrett.

4 – New hires at D-Rev. Stay tuned, we will be hiring more in 2015.

195,517 – Total air miles traveled by D-Rev staff to meet with partners, users and peers.

Unlimited thank yous due to our friends, fans, our boards of directors & advisors, and D-Rev supporters. We wouldn’t be where we are without you!

We wish everyone happy holidays and an exciting journey into 2015!

Krista, Garrett, Sara, Vin, Mike, Nicole, AJ, Kelly, Jesse, Rob & Dina

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