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November 24, 2015 Krista Donaldson

More than 100,000 babies treated with D-Rev’s Brilliance

Growth in Brilliance installations

Sometime in October, the 100,000th newborn received treatment for jaundice with D-Rev’s phototherapy device, Brilliance. Most likely, the baby was Indian (almost 90% of Brilliance devices have been installed in India), although he or she might have been South African, Ecuadorian, or from one of the 12 other countries where Brilliance units have been installed.

Wherever he or she was, a baby needed treatment, a family was worried, and a doctor needed access to a high-quality phototherapy device. Because Brilliance was there, the baby got a starting chance at a healthy life.

100,000 is a lot of babies. But it seems like even more when we remember that each and every one is a unique and precious human being with a family and a community behind him or her. At D-Rev, we remind ourselves of this all the time and are inspired anew. We hope you are, too.

100,000 babies treated by D-Rev's Brilliance phototherapy device

For more information on how we calculate our impact, check out our step-by-step guide.

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