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January 26, 2017 Krista Donaldson

D-Rev’s 2016 By the Numbers

Memorable Moments

Happy New-ish Year since it is almost the end of January! 2016 was a busy year for us. For the first time ever, we have products in active development, launching, and scaling—a full pipeline that represents the entire design life cycle, and as always, all geared towards underserved populations. This year brought more exciting achievements and lessons learned!

Here are some numbers from 2016:

50 countries where D-Rev products have been purchased, shipped and put into use—4 years after our first product came to market. Our 50th country: Libya.

>200,000 at-risk babies treated with Brilliance devices. This is the first year where we had enough data to start to see D-Rev’s model working—really working!

30 districts in Rwanda with government referral facilities that will be using Brilliance Pro by the end of 2017. Behind this cost-effective and sustainable health intervention, is an incredible partnership that came together in 2016.

16 years the Tech Museum has hosted the Tech Awards recognizing the best technology benefiting humanity. In 2016, the Tech Awards selected the best of the best from all their former laureates, and D-Rev’s Brilliance line won for the health category! We are incredibly honored.

2 D-Rev patents secured and published. Intellectual property is critical to scaling via the market. And a related fun fact: D-Rev has two former lawyers on staff.

1,200,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon, almost 20% of the country’s total population. Despite the horrors of war, we also see heroes. Read about the inspiring Dr. Khan who leads a primary health clinic in Qaab Elias, where Krista visited in December, tirelessly serving refugees.

1 FDA Audit of the ReMotion Knee, a class I device. Our first ever and it went well thanks to our skilled engineering team.

4,600,000 cycles needed to simulate 3-5 years of walking. After a year of working to address challenges with an added ReMotion feature, the updated knee is in limited market release.

2 new product lines D-Rev is exploring for future product development. Stay tuned for more in 2017!

20 steps in our Acquisitions Framework developed with assistance from RippleWorks Foundation. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel when addressing complex challenges in global health—so if you have a prototype or even a good idea, contact us!

<30% of donated medical devices the WHO says ever become operational in hospitals. To have last and meaningful impact, quality devices must be context-appropriate.

5 Minutes the name of Delta Airlines magazine column featuring D-Rev that garnered the most interesting media attention for us this year, based on incoming emails and inquiries—and we were also covered by the BBC, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, NPR, The Hindu and featured as case studies in USAID’s ‘Pathways to Scale’.

Many thanks to our family, friends, partners, and supporters. We are a small team, and with your support and contribution, could not create the out-sized impact in 2016—and future years.

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