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September 26, 2017 Sara Tollefson

D-Rev Receives High Marks in Impact Audit


We are pleased to announce the release today of an impact audit of D-Rev conducted by ImpactMatters. D-Rev performed well in this audit, receiving high marks for the quality of our evidence and quality of our monitoring systems, and the highest rating for our learning and iteration practices. The full report is available at

ImpactMatters also measured D-Rev’s cost-efficacy, and found that the cost to D-Rev of bringing its Brilliance phototherapy device to market, for instance, was just $18 per Disability-Adjusted Life Year (“DALY”) averted. (Click here for more about DALYs, an increasingly standard metric for evaluating health loss and gain.) Even when additional costs to the health system (e.g., hospital care, patient family costs) are factored in, for a total cost of $540 per DALY, the auditors concluded that Brilliance was still “highly cost-effective.”

ImpactMatters was launched in 2015 by Dean Karlan, founder of Innovations for Poverty Action, and Elijah Goldberg. ImpactMatters published their first impact audit in December 2015, and D-Rev’s audit will be the seventh audit published to date, and just the third evaluated under its Impact Audit Standard (v. 0.2). We are delighted that ImpactMatters agreed to audit D-Rev, and is taking on the task of providing systematic guidance to both nonprofits and donors about how to be more effective.

D-Rev is committed to transparency and continuous improvement and this impact audit is an example of that in action. We are eager to strengthen our systems based on the feedback that ImpactMatters provided, and to continue to make good on our mission to close gaps in access to quality healthcare for underserved people around the world, including through the design and introduction of new products.

“To achieve its strategic goal of becoming a portfolio “medtech” organization with a range of devices under its belt, D-Rev would do well to maintain and even scale up its excellent research and development,” ImpactMatters noted in its report. We agree, and look forward to taking on that challenge.

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