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May 1, 2019 Rob Weiss

Introducing Medical Devices into New Markets: a toolkit for bringing an existing commercial product or service to a new place

D-Rev’s ReMotion Knee project was one of six winning teams in the OpenIDEO Amplify “Disability and Inclusion Challenge,” sponsored by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID). Through this partnership, D-Rev had the opportunity to conduct research and pilot new tactics for scaling our prosthetic knee device into new markets, with a focus on Southern Africa. Read more about this collaboration and project here.

At the conclusion of this grant, D-Rev’s Senior Product Manager, Rob Weiss and Sales & Marketing Associate, Shae Huck, drew upon their experiences piloting ReMotion in Southern Africa and applied their learnings across existing frameworks and through the D-Rev lens as makers of medical technologies serving low-income patients around the world. The product of this synthesis is the toolkit: “Introducing Medical Devices into New Markets.”

The toolkit is intended to help other social impact organizations introduce their own innovations into new markets, providing them with tools to prepare for objections, barriers, competition and customer service issues that impact product adoption.

Certainly, not every innovator will scale on their own, and may instead form partnerships with collaborating organizations or governments to do the work of commercialization. But, for those innovators who are considering how they might approach bringing their product or service into a new geography, we hope these mindsets, learnings, and tools will help them anticipate common challenges and succeed in their goals.

We’re excited to launch this toolkit and are anxious to hear how others implement it in their own scaling in new markets. Please share your feedback and experiences with us! Download the full toolkit here.

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