Global Need For Prosthetics

The Need

In the developing world, trauma, disease, and natural disasters result in hundreds of thousands of new amputees per year.

For amputees in low-resource settings, modern prosthetics are prohibitively expensive, typically costing thousands of dollars or more. Even if an amputee is able to pay, most likely they do not have access to a prosthetics clinic that fits their needs.

Existing, low-cost knees present significant limitations to mobility

If available, affordable prosthetic leg systems typically use single-axis knee joints—similar to a door hinge. While walking, particularly on rough terrain, single-axis knee joints are unstable and can buckle, leading to a sudden and dangerous loss of balance.


Of the world's amputees do not have access to modern prosthetics

The Design

High Performance

Blending stable gait with a natural swinging motion


Designed with high strength polymers and stainless steel components

Water Resistant

Withstands humid and wet climates, without rusting or swelling


0.88lb / 400 g



Projected retail price under $80

High Range of Motion

165-degree range enabling kneeling, squatting, and biking

Noise Dampening

Reduces noise during walking

Universal Design

Works with standard prosthetic leg systems

The Delivery

Delivering the ReMotion Knee to clinics and amputees in the developing world.

The ReMotion Knee is a low-cost and high-performance knee joint, but that is not the end of the road for mobility. Although the knee joint is typically the most expensive and complex component, a full prosthesis also contains a foot, a pylon, and a socket. A trained clinician must custom mold the socket to fit the patient and assemble it with the other components, which is why it is so important for D-Rev to partner with clinics around the world that are staffed with prosthetics experts.

To accelerate the ReMotion Knee’s impact, D-Rev is creating partnerships and sales with top-tier prosthetic providers worldwide with already established distribution channels and local expertise. By partnering with D-Rev, prosthetic clinics gain access to world-class design and engineering capabilities while continuing to provide in-depth patient care.

The ReMotion Knee is fit at the Jaipur Foot Clinic

On My Own Two Feet

A film by Divya Viveka.


The story of Dinesh, a young Indian amputee, who was fit with D-Rev's ReMotion Knee in March 2013.

Kamal in Motion

At the age of 16, Kamal lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident. Unable to afford a prosthetic limb, he used a bamboo staff to get around, leaving his hands callused and his spine misaligned. In August of 2008, Kamal was fit with a JaipurKnee and within a day, was able to walk.

History of the ReMotion Knee


JaipurKnee (v1)

Students at Stanford University developed the v1 ReMotion JaipurKnee for production and fitting by the JaipurFoot Organization, the largest provider of prosthetics in India and the world.


ReMotion Knee (v2)

The v2 ReMotion Knee was manufactured in Menlo Park and distributed through Fundación Protesis Para la Vida in Ibarra, Ecuador.


ReMotion Knee (v3)

The v3 ReMotion Knee is our first version that is designed to be mass produced for world-wide scale.

The Impact

D-Rev 625 Amputees fit

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