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January 20, 2015 Garrett Spiegel

The Launch of Brilliance Pro

Brilliance Pro

We’re excited to announce the release of Brilliance Pro—we’ve updated the website, the materials have been revised, first-looks have been given, we’ve won an award—and we’re ready to start taking orders!

Brilliance Pro, the next product from D-Rev’s Newborn Health project, is for sale through our partner Phoenix Medical Systems. The original Brilliance, launched in November 2012, will now affectionately be known as Brilliance Classic.

Based on feedback from our users—everyone from doctors and patients to the service engineers, sales team, and manufacturing leads at Phoenix—we started from scratch to design phototherapy unit just after the launch of Brilliance Classic. This version includes critically-important, patent-pending features like SmartTilt™ and the Brilliance Pro Light Meter that raise the standard of care, and a refined aesthetic that bypasses the expectation that medical devices aren’t, or don’t need to be, beautiful.


During our annual holiday party in December Jesse got a late-night call from the marketing director at Phoenix to tell us that Brilliance Pro had won “Best in Show” at the largest neonatal conference in India—as much of a surprise to her as it was to us. (Note: it was the overall Best in Show, not in any special category like “NGO” or “affordable” devices. Brilliance Pro was competing against all neonatal product categories and prices.) AJ immediately stood up on a chair in the middle of the small remaining crowd to share the news, and as he talked there were some folks asking if we had planned the timing, if it was a stunt of sorts, but I assure you, the excitement and pride was authentic.


Brilliance Pro is a device that we believe exemplifies the core of who we are at D-Rev. Here’s how:

  • Its inception was based on the potential for incredible impact. Brilliance Pro cuts the manufacturing time in half and uses processes that enable Phoenix to make more units, faster, so we can treat more babies in more hospitals.

  • Its design modifications originate from user feedback. Brilliance Pro is a step forward in device usability. It includes a backlit LCD screen, a tilt mechanism that requires only one hand, an option for white observation lights, and buttons for high and low intensity settings, all in response to feedback on Brilliance Classic. These features don’t directly affect the efficacy of treatment, but alleviate important pain points for doctors, nurses, and purchasing officers.

  • Its performance is cutting-edge and world-class, while maintaining an affordable price point ($500). SmartTilt™ is a patent-pending technology that will ensure that light intensity from the Brilliance Pro LEDs is consistent across the treatment footprint at any angle of head-tilt, automatically adjusting the outputs of each LED as the head unit is tilted. This is the first technology of its kind in a phototherapy device. In addition, Brilliance Pro has the Brilliance Pro Light Meter, an optional accessory, that will allow doctors to measure the dose of light being delivered to an infant in real-time. Generally, these Light Meters cost upwards of $1,500 USD. Our Light Meter, usable with any Brilliance Pro unit, will retail for less than 1/10th the price (exact cost TBD).

  • Its aesthetic demonstrates that we believe affordability doesn’t rule out an opportunity for dignified and beautiful design. Brilliance Pro is sleek, refined, and captures a modern aesthetic that is rarely, if ever, available for our target hospitals.

  • Its technical design allows us to collect new types of impact data to verify effective use, enabling us to evaluate impact in new ways. We’ll be able to more accurately estimate the number of newborns treated with more thorough, time-stamped event data from each Brilliance Pro unit, and we’ll have the flexibility to collect the data over the phone, through text message, and by in-person download. Similar to how the usability features satisfy one set of users above, these additions make the D-Rev team, our funders, and especially Sara, happy! It’s so important that our customers have choices in high-quality, affordable phototherapy devices, and you—our partners, friends, and donors—have made it possible. Thanks for your continued support.

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