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December 8, 2015 Krista Donaldson

ReMotion Knee Launch!

We are excited to announce the market launch of the ReMotion Knee—as of RIGHT NOW we are processing orders, coordinating with our warehouse, and preparing to ship knees around the world.


The ReMotion Knee is the first product in our Mobility product line and it has been in the works for 6 years. Over the past six years we have conducted clinical trials with three different design prototypes, testing the ReMotion Knee in the lab as well as in the field. (Learn more about the ReMotion Knee’s design journey.)

Our hard work culminates today. We believe that everyone deserves good design and today prosthetics clinics all over the world (and especially in underserved populations) are able to purchase an affordable knee joint that is designed with the developing world in mind. Made of highly durable plastic, it works in the most demanding environments, withstanding daily use in heat, humidity, and dirt. A high range of motion (160 degrees) gives amputees the flexibility to move freely, including kneeling, squatting, and riding a bicycle.

Designed for high-performance and affordable pricing in underserved markets, the ReMotion Knee sells for a retail price of $80 USD, approximately one fifth of equivalent performance products on the market. More than 700 pre-orders for the ReMotion Knee have been placed by clinics in 17 countries.

It is so important that our customers have choices in high-quality, affordable prosthetic devices, and you—our partners, friends, and donors—have made it possible. Thanks for your continued support.

Learn more about the ReMotion Knee Launch

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