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January 25, 2016 Krista Donaldson

D-Rev’s 2015 By the Numbers

Happy New Year! Every year we take a look back at what we’ve done—by the numbers: the good, the great, the lessons learned.

Here are our numbers for 2015:

>110,000 – At-risk babies treated with Brilliance devices. We’re thrilled! (How do we estimate that? See here)

17 – Countries from where we had ReMotion Knee pre-orders when it launched on December 8th.


191 – Days the ReMotion Knee launch was postponed after we identified a last minute challenge—which is why we test, test, test. For a behind the scenes look (with thanks to Autodesk and Dell), see this post.

17 – Shipping containers to move 284 Brilliances and Phoenix Infant Care Centres from Chennai to Mombasa to fulfill a tender with the Kenyan government for public hospitals there.

37 – Countries where Brilliances have been sold to hospitals and distributors.

15 – Countries we claim impact from Brilliance—since we only report impact once we have confirmed the installation dates for units. Our Impact Fellow Allison Ettenger added 10 more countries with her work.

Growth in Brilliance installations

3 – Products in our Brilliance line. Did you know that? They are here. In early 2016, we’ll be officially adding a fourth.

1 – CE Mark granted. For the ReMotion Knee.

397 – Millimeters of rain (that’s 15.6 inches for Americans) that fell in a two-day period in early December in Chennai, India, where our partner Phoenix is located. Our colleagues at Phoenix were ok, but there was damage to their business, inventory, and personal property.

24 – States of India’s 29 states that now have Brilliance units. These 24 states represent 99.5% of India’s population.

21 – Leading causes of death and disability globally that the R&D team explored to identify our next project area. They represent 95% of all DALYs lost every year.

7 – Years of med device experience our latest addition to the team, Casey Trubo. We’re thrilled to have him!

200+ – Boxes of ReMotion Knees we had shipped to the US to forward to clinics in specific regions. We do this to save our customers on shipping costs.

Many MANY – thank yous to you, our family, friends, partners, and supporters for helping our small team create out-sized impact in 2015—and future years.

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