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October 5, 2020 Krista Donaldson

Design (R)Evolution: D-Rev will soon have a new name

Krista Donaldson, alongside nurses and doctors, tests an early prototype of the Brilliance phototherapy device in a hospital in Delhi, India.

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce that at the end of this year, D-Rev will have a new name: Equalize Health.

It’s a rebrand two decades in the making.

When the organization was founded in the late 2000s, our name (short for Design Revolution) was a sign of the times. The world had just woken up to the potential of design to address the world’s greatest inequalities.

In our early days, we sought to develop solutions for areas as diverse as economic empowerment, agriculture, and education.

In the past ten years though, we’ve focused entirely on health, where we believe the greatest inequity exists. Without health, it is difficult to go to school, to work, or function in society. For people to thrive, they must be healthy.

We are proud to have made a significant impact in this area, having treated almost one million patients worldwide.

Our focus on health is one reason for our name change, but there is another, more fundamental reason.

Despite our efforts, and those of the larger global health sector, millions of people every year are still dying or suffering from treatable and preventable diseases, while the technology exists to save them. And very often this know-how has existed for decades.

As an organization, and an industry, we have to ask ourselves – why?

Product design, no matter how revolutionary, won’t treat a single patient (let alone millions), if the design process is not end-to-end. This bigger perspective is a must for thoughtfully-designed devices to get into the hands of clinicians worldwide and work at their full potential.

That means we need to leverage the expertise of partners, create sustainable distribution, offer downstream support, and rigorously measure impact to continuously improve.

As our expertise has grown to encompass all these activities, the name D-Rev became a misnomer that no longer did justice to our work.

We will always stay true to our design roots, and we are as obsessed as ever about our users.

But with our new name – and soon, a new visual identity – we are putting our commitment to ending global health inequity front and center.

D-Rev, soon to be Equalize Health, will be shedding the orange for a fresh look.

It’s an everyday reminder that we will do what it takes to ensure that no matter where someone lives, they have equal access to world-class medical treatment.

You will see us transition to our new name over the next several months. There would have been no D-Rev, and there will be no Equalize Health, without you. Thank you for joining us on this new stage of our journey. We are excited for what lies ahead.

In health,


CEO, D-Rev, soon to be Equalize Health

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