D-Rev exists to design and deliver medical technologies that close the quality healthcare gap for under-served populations.

Our products are:



D-Rev designs products that are on par or better than the best devices on the market



All of our products are designed to scale through the market, not using donations or subsidies



When we talk about users we are talking about a product's end users, and every person along the supply chain

We drive all aspects of the design process

D-Rev owns the research, design, and development of our products and then partners with industry leaders to manufacture and scale for maximum impact.

Identify, Design, Deliver, Scale, Measure

Identify high-impact opportunities that can address health inequities at scale.

Design products to meet customer needs, incorporating manufacturing, distribution, and servicing.

Deliver to users by integrating the product into the market to maximize sustained impact.

Scale up appropriately for maximum global impact and measure impact to determine that the product is reaching the people and places who need it.


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